Satellites to be Launched from Jumbo Jet by Virgin Galactic

Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, is in plans to launch satellites into the space from a Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Branson unveiled the plans for an aircraft that will double as an airborne launch pad. The plane called Cosmic Girl has already flown for Virgin Atlantic airline.

The main objective of this project is to send LauncherOne rockets from the company into the Earth’s orbit. The company currently has many deals in the relatively small commercial satellite market segment to launch devices that can be used to bring the Web access to more number of people across the world. This has proposed a rocket system that can also be utilized by NASA.

When it comes to the functionality of this rocket, it could sit below the wing of the jet before it is deployed as the 747 aircraft is traveling at a speed of 500 miles per hour. Around 10 minutes later, the rocket will reach the orbit at a speed of 1,700 miles per hour.

The reliable and accomplished 747 jumbo set has created an evident record of supporting the space missions. First, via the Space Shuttle Enterprise test flight program and later as NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, stated Branson. The LauncherOne team of Virgin Galactic stated the multitude of advantages to this program due to the usage of Cosmic Girl.

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