Christmas Lights Likely to Slow Down Wi-Fi?

The Christmas lights are sure to brighten the home across the country, but there is a report stating that these glowing lights might damper your plans of live streaming or watching holiday specials online. Well, a report by Ofcom, a Britain based communications regulator states that 20 percent of the poor Wi-Fi performance is due to the electronic gadgets as well as lights in the home. This brings concern on the Christmas lights as they might probably take a toll on the Wi-Fi speed.

Ofcom warns that halogen lamps, stereo or computer speakers, electrical dimmer switches, thin strings of decorative bulbs called fairy lights, monitors, AC power cords and TV have all been known to result in interference to the broadband routers. The report suggests that the routers should be kept far from the other electrical devices, and this also includes the baby monitors.

The experts claim that the electronics can generate a very strong electromagnetic field that can compete with the broadband frequency.

On the other hand, Kate Biberdorf, a chemistry professor at the University of Texas states that the impact from the Christmas lights is not too severe, and most homeowners might not be able to differentiate clearly.

She states that it is silly as you will not even notice the difference. People who are playing highly intense video games or those who download a movie or music might experience a tiny amount, but it will not be a great issue.

She also stated that if there is a slowdown, there is also an easy fix. All one has to do is to make sure the Wi-Fi router and Christmas lights are not connected to the same outlet. More than Christmas lights, microwave will worsen the Wi-Fi. She added that Christmas lights have a very small magnetic field, so the interference will also be very minor.

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