Police Files a Case of Newborn in Los Angeles

On November 27, 2015, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s agent found a newborn that buried alive. He cradles the baby after rescuing in Crompton. The mother of the baby is found alive, and she was found in the bike path of Southern California. The authorities arrested the mother as she had buried her baby alive.

The agent of Los Angeles County Sheriff is Bob Boese. The woman was arrested on Sunday that is last week. He did not allow the woman to get released due to the nature and conditions of the investigation. The reporters in Los Angeles told that the sergeant has planned a news conference for 10.00 A.M. They have planned to offer more information about the case on Monday.

Bob Boese told that tips from media coverage and the public had helped to rescue the baby and arrest the mother of the baby.

On November 27, 2015, about 4 A.M. the deputy was asked to visit the area that is located between Slater Avenue and 136th Street in Los Angeles (Crompton). The public has reported that they found a baby weeping in the riverbed. This news was reported by the Department agent of Los Angeles County Sheriff – Marvin Jaramilla.

When the authorities arrived, they seem to hear a loud cry of a baby. They found the baby to be buried under pieces of rubble and asphalt. One of the officials rescued the newborn baby from the crevice that is located by the side of the bike path.

Jaramilla told that the baby was cold to touch and was neatly draped in a blanket.

The strange noise was first heard when Evangelina McCrary and Angelica Blount (sister of Evangelina McCrary) were passing for their everyday walk. They heard the noise on the side of the riverbed in Crompton. Evangelina McCrary reported that her sister first asked her whether she could hear a baby cry sound. She did not hear at first and thought it should be the sound of a cat. As they kept walking along the lane, they confirmed that it should be baby cry and not the cat sound.

It is said that they have found the baby after around twenty-four to thirty-six hours. The baby was taken immediately to the hospital in normal condition.

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