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You can be issued a traffic ticket for running a red light in two ways: if the police see you run the light and issue you a ticket, or if you are caught by a red light camera and are sent a ticket in the mail. But if you are caught failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, you are almost certain to get pulled over by a police officer and to be issued a traffic ticket.traffic ticket law

Traffic tickets, including stop sign tickets, are often issued as a way to generate revenue for the city or town. This is why police officers do not hesitate to write a ticket when they see someone run a stop sign, even if the driver slowed down at the sign, or even if the driver did not hit anyone in the intersection. This is why these kinds of tickets can be so frustrating — they are easy to get, they come with incredibly steep penalties, and you may not even have done anything really wrong to deserve the ticket.

Texas law spells out every driver’s duty when approaching a stop sign. Drivers are expected to come to a complete stop at the designated white line; yield right of way to pedestrians, and not enter the intersection until it is safe to do so. Failing to do any of these things could mean getting a stop sign ticket.

Not only do these tickets come with expensive fines that you are expected to pay, but you will also have points added to the driving record if you plead guilty to your stop sign ticket. A stop sign ticket will result in points being added to your driver’s license, and after six points accumulate on your record, you will face additional penalties. These can include having to take a safe driving exam or even having your license suspended for several weeks.

However, you have the option of pleading ‘not guilty” to your traffic ticket and having your case heard in your local traffic court. This will give you the opportunity to present your side of the story to a judge. The judge will also hear from the police officer who wrote your ticket, and the officer will try to prove that you clearly ran the stop sign. The judge will then decide whether to assign you the full extent of the penalties of your ticket, to reduce your penalties, or even to dismiss your ticket entirely.

Having an experienced stop sign ticket lawyer on your side is the best way to ensure that the judge will reduce or eliminate your penalties. We will help you find evidence that will work in your favor, even if the police officer is there to testify. We have handled hundreds of cases like yours and are available to help you prepare right away. Give our office a call today to speak to one of our attorneys.

Mosquito Treatments – Pest Control

A mosquito’s bite can cause more than just itching. A damp early summer in many parts of the country has led to a booming mosquito population, and we’re already seeing the impact in cases of the West Nile virus. This virus is carried by birds and spread by mosquitoes. A mosquito may bite an infected bird, then transfer the virus when biting a human. In most people, the virus causes only mild flu-like symptoms if it causes any symptoms at all. But in some people, the virus can be deadly. Most at risk are children, the elderly, and people who already have health problems. They also are responsible for carrying diseases like malaria.
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Flies, Fly Control Can Remove These Unsanitary Pests

Flies are dangerous to your health because they are known to feed on fecal matter and vomit. These substances are then excreted on the surfaces they land on. This means that when a fly lands on your sandwich you might be ingesting harmfully matter that might make you sick. and I know what you are thinking, just reading that may make more than a few of you nauseous, but it is a fact that you need to be aware of so that pest control can fix the problem.

Emergency Fly and Mosquito Control
Call today and one of our trained staff will come to your home and assess your current level of infestation. We can offer you many services to dispose of both flies and mosquitoes. If you notice a problem with either of these pests on your property please do not delay in calling us because your health is at risk and the sooner we catch it the less costly it will be to fix the problem. So call us today to protect your home and your control

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Personal Injury Lawyers – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q. Why Do You Need an Attorney?

A. If you have been seriously injured and it appears this was caused by another person’s actions, you should meet with an attorney. Without an attorney, the out-of-pocket cost for a lawsuit against a giant corporation, the government, or a large insurance company would be impossible for most clients to bear. The only realistic chance of standing up against large institutions is having an attorney who is willing to take all the risks of the litigation and who has the experience and competence to level the playing field on your behalf. our firm has been doing this for well over a decade. personal injury lawyers - car accident attorneys

2. Q. Why Should You Choose Your Firm?

A. We maintain the traditional, individual approach to cases. Our attorneys, who only deal with personal injury cases, will look at the specific merits of each case individually and develop the claim in accordance with its own strengths, weaknesses, and circumstances. Each case we accept receives the personalized attention it deserves. We handle each case based on a team approach in which one attorney is assigned to manage the case, but all our attorneys discuss the case in an open conference. This approach brings over 80 years of legal experience to work toward developing each case to its fullest extent. More information on this website @
3. Q. How Do You Determine if You Have a Case?

A. Our attorneys know how to apply the law to the facts of your case. From this, they will be able to make a judgment for you whether or not you have a case. Initially, one of our attorneys will conduct a preliminary evaluation over the phone. If the claim appears to have merit, you will then meet with him for a more detailed consultation. The initial evaluation is free of charge.

4. Q. How Can We Help You?

A. We will help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries without inconvenience. If we agree to handle your case, you will not be obligated to spend any of your own money pursuing the matter. Representing you on a contingency fee basis, we will vigorously represent your interest in obtaining a fair settlement or trying the case to verdict. In any matter that we undertake, the client makes the decision of when to settle and whether to settle. We do, however, advise our clients of our opinions on whether the settlement is fair and adequate under the particular circumstances.

5. Q. What is a Contingency Fee and Who Pays the Expenses?

We handle cases on a contingency fee basis which means our fee is a percentage of judgment or settlement. In Texas, when a case is handled on this basis, it is required that the agreement be in writing. The basic terms of the agreement state that the fee is contingent upon us being able to recover money on your behalf. In other words, you will be under no obligation to pay your attorney’s fees or costs unless we are successful in pursuing the matter. If there is no recovery, we also will not look to you for reimbursement of associated expenses such as monies paid to doctors, experts and investigators who enable us to better prepare for your case. Click on this link @

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