Emergency Landing At Long Island by Blimp

A blimp was landed in emergency mode on the Long Island of New York last Thursday. The Nassau County police reported an online news channel that the pilot of the blimp was injured, and so he had landed in a field at the back of the school in New York (Farmingdale).

The police told that he was the alone onboard. The pilot was trying to land at the Republic Airport of Long Island but due to mechanical problems he could not land at the airport.

The Nassau County police came to know the news around 9.22 A.M. They were notified about the low flying aircraft.

The blimp slowly touched the land without issues at a school in Farmingdale. It was a baseball field of Woodward Parkway School. The pilot managed to land the flight on a safe note, and he ensured that no person is injured or harm while landing. As he was injured, he was not able to land as planned in the airport.

Trevor Thompson is the pilot of the blimp. He told some local people came running up and was trying to help him. They grabbed the nose lines of the blimp, and that made the landing great and smooth for him. He remained alone on the flight over Long Island. The blimp is operated by an advertising company.

Celeb Walsh told that due to change in weather condition, the pilot could not reach the blimp till airport. He feared that the blimp weather would stop the blimp to land safely but somehow managed to land on the backside of a school.

The Chief Executive Officer of AirSign.com was Patrick Walsh. He told that until morning that the winds were between 5 and 10 mph that was the highest. It was then they decided to go up in the air. Suddenly the saw winds between 15 and 20 mph and it remained as the cause for the worst situation. Blimps are known to travel in slow speed that is around twenty miles in an hour.

Thomson told that he contacted the control tower to notify the police that he is dropping that way. The forty-five foot tall and one hundred and fifty-foot long blimp was not damaged.

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The former president of United States – Jimmy Carter said the reporters that he is free from cancer. His medical condition is completed gone. Carter is 91 years old. He told the good news at the Maranatha Baptist Church. He teaches at the church in Sunday school class in Plain, Ga.

The newspaper report confirmed that Jimmy Carter did a scan recently, and the scan has proved that his cancer has vanished. Jill Stuckey told the news to Jimmy Carter while he was teaching around one hundred and fifty people in the Sunday class. The majority of the people present over there were visitors. Carter immediately declared the news to the students and every person in the church cheered Carter in applause.

The grandson of Jimmy Carter is Jason Carter. He has told the Associated Press that the physicians did not find cancer in his early scan.

In a press conference that held on August, Jimmy Carter told that the melanoma has spread to the brain and liver. He was found depressed and told that he is looking forward to his possible death. He added that he added the best life all these years.

Carter did not mind his medical condition, and he continued to teach Sunday Class at the Maranatha Baptist Church. He helped people by constructing for an international organization – Habitat for Humanity. In the last month’s interview, Carter told a popular radio news channel that he is maintaining a normal schedule and feeling better than before.

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