Mosquito Control – Lifecycle of a Mosquito

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Mosquito Control – Lifecycle of a Mosquito

The lifecycle of a mosquito consists of four stages. It is important to understand what happens in each of these stages of the mosquito life cycle so you can use the proper products to control them. When you find a product that controls the mosquito population, you are also working to prevent mosquito bites. Therefore, you are protecting your family’s health when they are outdoors. The four stages of the life cycle of a mosquito are: More on this website

The Egg Stage

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in or near water. The different mosquito species choose different types of water, making it hard to control them at the source. You can find eggs in fresh or salt water, still or moving water, and in polluted water. Some even lay eggs in still water in hollow trees or even in the eaves of your home. The mosquito eggs are thin and long; one female can lay as many as 300 eggs at a time!

The Larvae Stage

In this stage, these insects are very wiggly and swim by vigorously thrashing. The insect has a head, thorax, and abdomen covered by a thin skin. They grow rapidly and can develop into adult mosquitoes within days.

The Pupae Stage

During this stage, the mosquito looks almost like a seed. The antennae and legs form a cup over the body, and the insects float on the top of the water.

The Adult Stage

When the mosquitoes develop into adults, they bite and often cause diseases. They are a danger to humans as well as animals. This is the reason scientists are always trying to develop products such as repellents and traps to help prevent bites. Our online merchants have put together a myriad of excellent products you can use to prevent diseases and bites. These products also help to control mosquito infestation of your property.

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